Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Luxourious Undersea Yacht: U-010

This yacht is about the only yacht that has everything I want. Read the features and view more pictures after the jump.

Via Bornrich

"At the first glance at pictures, it felt like there’s another addition to Sir Richard Branson’s luxury fleet to accommodate the rich and adventurous. However, Virgin is still to unveil something as innovative as this Undersea Yacht, dubbed U-010. This luxurious undersea vehicle is designed to explore the deep seas in complete safety and comfort. With an overall length of 66.5 m, the U-010 unit is a unique vessel for its quality to travel on the surface as well as underwater by simply passing from diesel to electric propulsion. Equipped with integrated systems of stabilization, the passage on the sea surface is slow and comfortable even under the worst conditions. Whether it’s luxurious trips to nearby islands or the stylish underwater adventuring, one thing’s for sure that U-010 will give new meaning to seagoing." - Pankaj

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